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Connecting Great People with Great Companies ®

Great Connections is a leading Ontario-based full cycle employment services agency, providing premium human resource solutions to clients, large and small in a multitude of industries. With our first-rate screening process, safety training and testing and our exceptional track record of providing highly-dependable employees, we take the risk out of our clients’ human resource decisions. We provide a competitive advantage by connecting great companies with great people.
How to Hire an Employee: Tips to Head Off Staffing Headaches
Figuring out how to hire an employee with just the right mix of skills and knowledge can sometimes feel like a daunting and high-stakes task. Bring aboard the wrong person and you (and your employer) waste valuable time
Reasons why December is the best month for recruiting
Recruiting the best suitable candidates is a competition between companies. Getting help from staffing agency is one of the useful ways on receiving professional support for your company’s hiring. December is the month t