Job Description

Purpose and Scope:

  To operate the machines in a fast and safe manner



  Starts and shuts down equipment as required.

  Adjusts equipment during the filling process to meet operational and quality standards on line speeds,

equipment settings, and fill levels.

  Manually supply automated equipment with specific components to optimize line efficiencies.

  Operates all equipment in accordance with SOPs, GMP and safety procedures (emergency stops,

guarding and lockouts).

  Visually inspects product and components for obvious defects during the filling process, reporting any

defect to the Team Leader.

  Follows safe work practices and wears appropriate personal protective equipment.

  Supports GMP through work practices and keeping work area clean and tidy on an ongoing basis.

  Trouble shoot

  Responsible for own quality of their machine.



  A minimum of 6 months experience in the operation of machinery.


Skills Required:

  Basic Math

  Excellent hand and finger dexterity and eye/hand co-ordination.

  Ability to pay close attention to detail.

  Mechanical aptitude.

  English communication skills.

To Apply:

  Send your resume to with subject of “Machine Operator (Cosmetics

Company)" or call 416-299- 0789 for appointment.