Job Description

We're hiring Customer Service Representatives working on weekends for TTC.

This is an on-call position. Can work up to 44 hours/ week.



• Be a highly visible, accountable presence and resource for the customers

• Be located at key points throughout the station providing information and directions to customers

• Engage and approach customers who appear to be lost or confused

• Actively give directions, especially to large crowds and groups

• Follow company policies and procedures, including no smoking or parking on property

• Follow the direction of the Transportation Lead during emergency situations if the Contractor’s Supervisor is not available

• Answers questions and give directions to customers in a courteous and efficient manner

• Communicate with customers, employees, and Workers in a respectful and professional manner

• Promotes good relationships and extends courtesy to customers under all circumstances

• Maintains neatness in appearance and attire



• Good customer service mindset; hands-on experience in dealing with customers

• Good communication skills and people skills

• Strong organizing and arrangement skills

• Able to deal with emergencies

• Students are welcome

• Available to work on Weekends

   Morning shift: 5:00am - 3:30pm

   Afternoon shift:  3:00pm - 1:30am

• Available to work on Weekdays

   8:00 am - 8:00 pm

• Be flexible and willing to work 10 hours per day

• Be flexible to work at any subway/bus station


Wage rate: $14.00/hour plus 4% Vacation pay


How to Apply: 

Please send resume to  with the subject line "TTC Customer Service Representative(full-time)"

Or contact our recruiter (Emma) via 416-616-6387.