Job Description

Our client, a leading global producer of fluid flow equipment, is looking for a Quality Manager to join their team in Scarborough.

Permanent Hire

Reports to Quality Manager

Location: Scarborough


JOB SUMMARY: Develop specification and test plan for power control electronics, motors, and other electrical products and components for company products (including motor drives, controls and monitoring systems for water pumps and valves) and prepare detailed, production-quality documentation for incoming inspection, shop floor products and dock audit as per the company's Quality assurance system and industry standards.


  1. Able to understand operation and model performance and efficiency of electric motors under different operating contions.
  2. Knowledge on variable speed drives, their effect on motors, and able to understand their operation and model performance and efficiency under different operating conditions.
  3. Understand schematics for power control electronics, permanent magnet brushless DC and AC synchronous motors, and systems.
  4. Provide test and control plan as per requirements.
  5. Prepare detailed, Quality specifications for CTQ features as per control plan.
  6. Apply analysis for job related NCN in incoming inspection, production and customer concerned products as per QA criteria and industry standards.
  7. Work with multi functional team in order to provide corrective action and preventive plan a per NCN occurring in different level.
  8. Periodic process review for continuous improvement, job related NCN trend and target first time pass and zero defect policy


  1. Work with QA and sourcing team for new supplier evaluation
  2. Participate in current supplier audit for product and process improvement .
  3. Interact with Engineering teams, project teams and manufacturing personnel in daily basis for QA purpose and improvement opportunities.


  1. B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering.
  2. High level of proficiency working with motors and drives.
  3. Experience with PLC’s, microprocessors and data processing.
  4. Experience with closed-loop controls: PID, adaptive, fuzzy logic, etc. and sensors.
  5. Knowledge of AC and DC motors and motor drives: PWM, VFD’s, drives for brushless motors with Hall sensors for commutation, Permamnent Magnet Motors and etc.
  6. Knowledge of Quality assurance and familiar with ISO 9001 QMS


  1. Minimum five years in a manufacturing environment, preferably involving in Quality assurance and inspection/ test plan.
  2. HVAC application knowledge desirable.


How to Apply: 

Please send your resume to with subject of "Quality Manager - Scarborough"