Advantages of Recruitment Agencies for Job Seekers

4/18/2019 4:12:21 PM

In an ever changing job market, your search for employment can get frenzied and unmanageable. You’ve applied to innumerable openings, which you seem to be a perfect fit for, and have yet to hear back from any of them. Although it’s not the ultimate solution, Recruitment agencies can be a valuable partner in your job hunt and have various advantages for job seekers.

1.      They’re Cost Free

Recruitment agencies work on openings and are paid for filling them they their clients so their services are completely free for the candidates they place.

2.      Labour Market Knowledge

Through their expansive networks, agencies have insight into which companies are currently hiring or have upcoming opportunities. They are in contact with HR department, managers, and even candidates from various organizations in the market. Their network provides them with more inside knowledge than the first few pages of a job search board.

3.      Access to Unadvertised Jobs and Profile Requirements

Due to the close partnership with their key clients, Agencies will often hear of or be assigned the recruitment for new openings. There are many openings out there that individual job seekers are not aware of due to them not being advertised by the organizations that have the vacancies.

As for adversities roles, agencies often have greater insight of the requirements and profile fit for a role through in-depth discussions and briefs they receive from their clients. Advertised roles are often generic with bare bones requirements that often give an idea of perfect fit to applicants but agencies have a more concise understanding of the technical requirements as well as the profile fit a client is looking for.

4.      Support and Guidance

From resume alterations to interview preparation, the recruiters that handle your application provide valuable and tailored support and guidance to you throughout the recruitment process. They are experts in interviewing and assessment of skills with insights that will help you put your best foot forward to make a favourable impression. They will ensure that your most relevant skills and competencies take centre stage when presenting you to a client and also continue to coach you at each stage.

5.      Continuous Updates and Feedback

One of the main issues with applying directly is the lack of feedback. Agencies follow up on all applications, at every stage of the recruitment process. Recruiters will be able to give you feedback and insight into why you weren’t selected for a role. They provide assistance in understanding why you didn’t make the cut and how to be more prepared for the next attempt.

If you are looking for employment or to advance your career, Recruitment and Staffing Agencies can be a great tool to achieve what you are looking for. Great Connections Employment Service Inc. works with a vast clientele across numerous industries. We welcome you to take a look at our current openings or contact one of our locations for more information. We would be glad to be of service!