Tips for Choosing Great Staffing Partners

4/10/2019 8:09:37 PM

Are you thinking of using staffing agencies to cover your business needs?

Consider partnering with High-Quality staffing agencies will reduce your risk and keep your business running smoothly. They have pre-screened candidates ready to start with very short notice, they save your WSIB premiums, save your cost in potential NEER surcharges, they allow you to evaluate temporary employees performance and give permanent offers.

According to Statistics Canada, the staffing and recruiting industry group represents about 2 million temporary workers or 13.6% of the country’s workforce, generates more than $15 billion in revenue toward Canada’s economy.

Here are some tips for helping your business to choose decent and great staffing partners:

1. Choose the staffing agencies who offer a long guarantee period

Good agencies have the confidence to place strong candidates, they will offer 3 months or a 6-month guarantee. No tricks, your company are guaranteed to have qualified workers through real performance. With this long guarantee period, agencies will not recruit, encourage or entice a candidate who previously placed to leave the employment.

2. They have decent up-to-date candidates pool

Good staffing agencies have built up deep networks to find talent fast. They have their own tracking system to cover both active and passive candidates who are not actively searching for jobs. Because they already built long-term relationships, once the position becomes available, recruiters can recap their qualified candidates and get responses quickly.

3. They understand your industry and your business needs

Conduct the agency’s reference checks before using their staffing services, speak with both previous and current customers, especially within your industry. You can ask other hiring managers’ feedbacks regarding their hiring procedures, orientation and training, auditing results, quality of candidates and services they provided.

4. Ensure legal compliance; avoid those that can get your business in trouble

Some staffing firms can be very attractive because of the low price they are charging.
However, do they follow the rules by having the right employment agreements in place while staying on top of the ever-changing legislation? Do they hire workers who are not legally
entitled to work in Canada? If they under-report their payroll to both the CRA and WSIB so that they can pay less CPP, EI and WSIB premiums? As a co-employer, if your company uses these non-complying staffing agencies could be forced to conduct investigations, especially under a work-related injury, which will cause big trouble, accountable for fines, penalties or back-taxes.

These tips will give you a solid start for choosing a staffing partner, we are happy to answer any questions and discuss concerns you may have.