Reasons why December is the best month for recruiting

Recruiting the best suitable candidates is a competition between companies. Getting help from staffing agency is one of the useful ways on receiving professional support for your company’s hiring. December is the month to take action while the recruiting competition is kind of low. During the holiday season, most of the companies are preparing for their year-end and employees are preparing for holiday & vacation. It will be the best time to work with staffing agencies who hiring great talents all day every day.

There are several reasons why December is the best month for hiring:

1.    Some companies do not hire during December

A lot of companies stop their hiring during the end of their fiscal year. This means, these firms do not offer any competitions to those who are smart to recruit in December. With less competition on the market, there will be fever job postings and having a better chance for exposure.

2.    Individuals are more likely to rethink their future at this time of the year

Normally we can simply divided job seekers into two big categories. One is who are activity looking, highly possible not satisfied with their current role or they do not have a job right now. Second group is who less are actively looking for new opportunity. For the second group of people, December will be one of the best timing to approach them. They are more likely to spend some time for reevaluating their current employment and lift situation and rethink of they should spend another year in their current job.

Smart firms can take this questioning period as an advantage by working with strong staffing agencies to actively approach strong talents by offering new opportunities to these non-actively looking prospects.

3.    Prospects are easier to contact and more available

During this time of the year, almost everyone is highly active on social media, which you could take this to your advantages. They are constantly connecting to social media to keep in touch with their family and friends. The chances of being seen, read and react to your messages and post will increase. Also people who use the free to update their LinkedIn profile, Indeed resume, and staffing agencies and recruiters can use these updates to present new job opportunities.

4.    December is the month of “easy excuse month” for candidates

Because it is the holiday seasons, the candidates routinely leave the offices for a few hours using acceptable reasons. It will be easier for your candidate to leave the office for a long lunch with a recruiter or for a formal interview.

5.    Bringing in new perspectives and increase team morale

Bringing in new strong talents during December increases your chances of bring in new perspectives, which can be beneficial for your new coming year.

New joined talents can bring fresh ideas an enthusiasm to the table; it can boost the morale of the team. It reassures the team that there will be an extra pair of hands.

An staffing agency such as Great Connections will take on the responsibility of finding the “right” talent to better satisfy your business needs. We could help to achieve your smart recruitment in December.