Why should I work with a Staffing Agency?

The secret to an easier, quicker job search

Direct Hire? Temporary?  Contract to Hire?  What does all this even mean?

Direct Hire/Permanent Placement: Direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes Great Connections to find the talents, then hires them directly.

Temporary/Contract Position: Candidates are placed at a client company through Great Connections on a temporary/contract assignment. The temporary position could be as short as an afternoon, filling in for someone’s absence, or it could be a specified amount of time based on a project or specific need of the client. The individuals working these assignments will receive their pay and any available benefits through Great Connections.

Temp-to-Hire/Contract-to-Hire:  A candidate who is placed at a client company on a temporary to hire position, has the opportunity to be hired as a permanent employee if it is a good fit (performance, knowledge, skills, other assets) for clients. As a job seeker, Temp-to-Hire assignments are a great way to open up new opportunities.

Benefits of working with a staffing agency

The job search process can be complicated and time consuming. If you haven’t looked for a new job in a while, it will be more challenging. Multiple benefits of working with a staffing agency, including:

Job search is streamlined

Working with a staffing firm can be a simple way to streamline your job search and present yourself into a wider market.

“The nice part of working with a staffing services firm is that you are essentially crowd-sourcing your job search effort.”

Partner with a skilled recruiter

Recruiters at Great Connections learn what you’re looking for, your career goals and the type of work environment you’re looking for.

“Once we know what path you want to go with your career, you will have multiple strategies throughout the pool on your behalf with our clients.”

Gain access to multiple employers and jobs

Great Connections has hundreds of clients who are hiring people like you, and our recruiters take time to look at your profile. A staffing agency is a liaison between job seekers and employers, so from there, your recruiter will identify interested companies. You’ll gain access to job openings that aren’t available on other job sites. In addition, you’ll have a wider variety of options than if you are searching for a job alone.

Staffing agencies prioritize the relationship between their recruiters and job seekers

The relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end when you start your new job. Another benefit when working with a staffing agency is that you continue to receive continuous support and feedback.

Great Connections recruiters will meet you on site, walk you in, set you up for the interview. The recruiter who’s in charge of your case will check in the job status every couple of weeks and provide on-going updates to give everyone a better idea of the most up-to-date job market.

For the people already got into the job market successfully, Great Connections recruiters are also in constant communication with your employer to ensure your experience is going smoothly.