Time to Outsource Staffing & Recruitment

9/4/2019 11:41:07 AM
In the ideal HR world, your company should be able to successfully recruit talent and fill key positions with the perfect candidates in perfect working conditions. In fact, this is not the reality. You want to make sure you are attracting top-tier applicants to your company to increase productivity ...

Tips for Hiring Managers to Streamline the Screening and Recruiting Process

9/4/2019 11:39:09 AM
Many hiring managers find the resume screening process is the hardest part of recruiting, which can be incredibly time-consuming. Here are some tips for you to increase the effectiveness of this screening and recruiting process. Start with benchmark candidates and formulating interview questio ...

Staffing Company and Staffing Technology

8/20/2019 3:29:42 PM
Over the past 10 years, Great Connections Employment Services has been increasingly investing in ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and other staffing technology. The use of these technologies helped us to increase the efficiency and thereby attracting more candidates. At the meantime, they benefit ou ...
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