Reasons why December is the best month for recruiting

12/17/2019 1:01:51 PM
Recruiting the best suitable candidates is a competition between companies. Getting help from staffing agency is one of the useful ways on receiving professional support for your company’s hiring. December is the month to take action while the recruiting competition is kind of low. During the holida ...

Attracting Top Talent In A Candidate’s Market

12/17/2019 12:00:37 PM
The unemployment rate in Ontario has declined over this decade and the job market has shifted to one dictated by the candidates. With fewer and fewer active job seekers it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract top talent. Here are a few tips to enhance your chances of finding the right can ...

Prepare Turnover after Holidays

12/9/2019 9:24:59 AM
According to a survey from Glassdoor, January is the most popular month that employees consider to change jobs.    There are many reasons can explain why the turnover rate is high in January: employees are waiting for yearend bonus; explore new challenges after the holidays and vacation, expectin ...
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