How Seasonal-worker Can Contribute to Organization?

Not all the companies can always successfully be predicting when your organization needs extra help. But there are times throughout the year when a spike in workload is coming and can be prepared. It could be when college and university students say goodbyes and head back to school. Whatever and whenever the situation, the solution is the same: seasonal-temporary employees.

Below you can see when it can be really critical to hire seasonal employees:

After-summer staffing — It’s pretty common for companies to find themselves in a short-handed situation at summer end, when internship/co-op ends but the workload is waited to be finished. Hiring seasonal employees for back-up staffing can help the company keep on track and accomplish tasked in a good time manner.

Holidays — Many businesses get extremely busy in November and December obviously. Workplace stress levels can dramatically increase during the holidays, when there are less employees to help with the extra daily duties and year-end responsibilities. Manufacturing industries, Consumer goods industries and logistics companies, are often need significant extra manpower during the lead-up to the holidays.

When your company find yourself in this type of situation, you will need an efficient strategy to be able to quickly practice, win over and prepare skilled seasonal employees. Here are three critical steps.

Work with an employment agency

A good partnership with a first-rate recruiter is essential to successful seasonal temporary hiring. A specialized staffing agency like Great Connections knows the candidate marketplace in your industry and area. We have a full cycle database of millions of job seekers with own access.

Besides, it can be challenging to screen and hire a large number of employees in a short amount of time when you and your permanent employees are already super occupied. Staffing agency can make this whole process a lot easier and help to identify and bring on-board amount of seasonal employees at once with less hassle. We can effectively evaluate experience and skills to make the right matches — and fast, follow up and decrease your turnover rate.

Make an offer to seasonal temporary applicants

Assess potential seasonal-temps based on the required knowledge and skills, previous experience, performance, personality, and culture fit.

If a recruiter is helping you hire seasonal-temp, they can work with you step by step with closely follow up to ensure you offer compensation that meets the market standard so that you can successfully hire reliable employees.

Build up clear expectations

Even with seasonal-temporary employees, you need to have a strong sense of the specific duties and responsibilities of the job you’re hiring. If working with an employment agency, just inform the recruiter of the time frame and key expectations, and make sure all aspects are communicated to the applicants during the interview.

It’s very important to post a detailed job description before you bring the people on board, and go through on the first day. Avoiding to give seasonal temps random assignment. Seasonal employees can often turn to great candidates for full-time permanent positions.

Whether you’re impacted by time-consuming or production fluctuation, enough preparation can go a long way. Apply the right hiring strategy to find the best help will provide extra support when there is a dramatic increase in workload — and take the load off you and make your staff happy.