How Staffing Agencies help you avoid bad hires

Every time you add a new person to your company, even if you are able to find someone you feel is a good candidate, sometimes people unexpectedly turn into bad hires after they started. You may come across the same scenario like after the first couple months on the job; the new hire is not the person who really attracted you during the interview and screening process. You became to have some doubts on whether this person is a good fit for the organization. Because some candidates may look good on paper or present them in a very positive way throughout the hiring process, but does not mean that they actually have what it takes to contribute to the overall success of your company.

The costs of making a bad hire are more real than you may think. The cost of bad hires can involve a damaged reputation for you personally and for the company, not only the issue of wasted time and resources, but also the damage of operations and morale. However, being too afraid to make a staffing decision can also create problems for your company.

The major reasons of bad hires are the difficulty of predicting whether new employees will fit in with your corporate culture, lack of understanding of the current labor market, and short of resources and supports on accessing the candidate pool.

Consider using a staffing agency to help solve of your manpower issue. Staffing agencies allow you to hire employees for a pre-determined account of time, or on a temp-to-hire basis. This provides invaluable insight into your candidates before you put them on your permanent payroll, and helps you stay away from bad hires.

Help you only connecting with the most qualified candidates

Employment agencies that have strong professional recruiters have the required personal and technical skills to accurately assess candidates’ abilities and qualifications. They know the labor market, they know how to identify certain red flags and also how to look beyond your requirements to find someone who perhaps lack of you years of experience you have rested but have the potential to learn quickly and fit into your organization.

Simply provide a list of what you needs and requires to the recruitment agency, and they will take you from there.

Reducing the time required for the hiring process

If you go by yourself, that took time. When the applications and resumes flooded in, you had to read all of them, screening and conducting a couple rounds interviews and testing. All these processes are time consuming and even after you completed all these steps, you may not get a right candidate.

Recruiters from agencies spend a large part of their time going through resumes and meeting individuals looking for jobs. They have established effective screening process and list of potential candidate pool. This kind of resources can significantly reduce the time invested in a recruitment process.

Save your money and reduce the risks

You could spend your time on doing something more productive like making new business contacts, working on projects or improving you productivities. And you could leave the hiring stuff to your agency who can handle it professional with less cost, less risks.

A recruitment agency has vast experience in hiring candidates for jobs. You probably hire a few times a year, but a recruitment agency hires all day every day. That experience makes a recruitment agency very adept at finding the right person for a position.